In the Broad with Krystal

What's so special about BOUDOIR anyway?

It's beautiful for one. You are beautiful. The human body is beautiful. It's not about being sexy. It's not about teasing. It's about loving and embracing your whole self. I try to be as honest with my clients as I am with my close friends. I didn't like boudoir a year ago when I started my brand. I thought it was not classy and was just for women who were getting married. Lord have mercy was I so wrong. I had a shoot done in Nov. of 2016 in Atlanta, Ga with Sarah of OWN Boudoir. Why?  Because I was overcoming a time of self struggle and I wanted to celebrate by body and give myself a 25th birthday present. I found Sarah through a simple google search looking for website inspiration. Her images were not like any type of boudoir I had ever seen. It was real and honest. It was dark and secret. It was absolutely stunning and I knew I had to do it. 

Long story short, boudoir is not about turning someone on. It is about showing yourself how worthy you are of self love. 

(I added an image from my OWN session at the end!)