OWN Boudoir - your OWN type of beautiful

Before we get into the meat of this article there are a few words you need to know.

Boudoir - ( french in origin) a woman's private sitting room.

Boudoir Photography - a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images primarily intended for private enjoyment.  

Body confidence -  a state of mind about the appearance of ones body.

Body positivity - a political movement around body confidence fighting the diet culture, fat shaming and skinny shaming. 

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OWN Boudoir is a boudoir studio that photographs women in a way that is all their OWN.  

I had the amazing pleasure of being photographed by Sarah, owner and photographer of OWN. She made me feel like I was gods gift to earth! - no seriously, because of her I now know the truth. I strongly encourage all of you to check out her website ( www.ownboudoir.com ) and her Instagram. She believes that we all deserve to be empowered and OWN our bodies. Sarah has the awe-inspiring talent of showing ANYONE how stunning they truly are, all on their OWN. 

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Thanks to the COSMOS and all the great POWERS that be I am now working with Sarah as the ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER for OWN Boudoir. 


*** CHECK out Sarah's BLOG post titled 'A major announcement RIGHT NOW!' for pricing and more details.