Dear Future Friend,

SO here is the deal…

I am not a vendor at your wedding. I am not just a photographer who stands in the background. I am not the super traditional senior or family photographer who says, “Okay and on 1, 2 and 3, SMILE! Eyes at me!” I’m the girl who shows up with a camera making ‘that’s what she said’ jokes and knowing that even though your 3 year old son is screaming his head off we’ll make some damn good art.

If you’re down with your UpDo coming undone and being surrounded by trees, you’re down to hop a fence or two, getting a little wet to get that EPIC shot we’ll be good to go!



You have to want those unplanned moments, the ones you might not even know about till you see my images. The moments that make this day and time in your life so magical.


If your wedding has 300 plus guest and has turned into the hardest thing you have ever put together in your life I am not the photographer for you.

When your daughter is asking about your wedding day all you’ll have to show her how life changing it was will be your photographs.
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Beyoncé Knowles + Jay Z
Cause you da BOMB!
Taj Mahal

Cinder + SMOKE

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