Who is she tho!

Oh well HELLO!

So I’m Emma Victoria and I’m most certainly a hoot n’ a half! Also that’s about as southern as I get. I was born here in Athens, GA and went to school in Jefferson, right down 129.


I’ve been taking photos of ice covered windows and my friends in weird poses since I was probably 14. First camera was a Kodak point and shoot and when I first realized that I could blur out the background Oh SHIT, I thought I was an ARTIST. Now I know I actually am an artist.


But please don’t think I’m too cocky though boys and girls. It’s not as glamorous as Insta makes it look. For me, it’s all about meeting people who want to remember a freaking AMAZING time in their life! And can’t decide if they want to take me for a beer or just hire me to photograph them. I’ll always recommend both! 


I love to party of Instagram!